Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sasso Twinning visit to Penrose

There's been quite a bit happening at Penrose over the last few month or so, but not so many blog posts so I will try and post a few over the next week to get us back up to speed...

We were recently invited to host a guided walk around the pool, as part of the official visit of the Helston / Sasso Marconi twinning group, with group members from Sasso in Italy across for a whole weeks worth of engagements. It was great to be invited to be involved, the weather was kind (and we found a spot on Loe Bar out of the wind for a picnic lunch.

We also had a good chance to talk to Twinning group members about opportunities there might be for a conservation project at Penrose that could support the twinning association - a new woodland or an arboretum based on tree exchanges ? - and we are discussing this with Helston's tree warden to see where it takes us and seeing if Helston Community College might want to be involved....

Helston is twinned with the Italian town of Sasso Marconi because of the link with Marconi, the wireless pioneer, whose family home was outside the town of Sasso, near Bologna.

After experimenting as a youngster with the newly discovered radio waves he developed a method of communication, the first high power radio transmitter and built a station on the cliffs at Poldhu to demonstrate that radio waves were capable of bridging the Atlantic. The Helston and District Twinning Association are keeping alive these links today.  

Thanks to everyone on the group for their kindness and hospitality on the day, and let us know if you have any thoughts or ideas about what we could do in the future.

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