Friday, 14 October 2011

Four Schools Funday Beach Extravaganza!

Anyone taking a walk at Kennack Sands on the Lizard one Thursday recently was greeted by the unusual sight of a giant sand sea serpent, complete with boulders for its eyes, and a stony spine decorated with 200 flags! The 50 metre sculpture was the combined handiwork of four Lizard Primary Schools who came together for a day of fun on the beach, to celebrate their new partnership under shared Headteacher Tom Harman.

All 200 Coverack, Grade-Ruan, Manaccan, and St Keverne Primary Schools pupils were treated to a day of beach activities and games, courtesy of Natural England and the National Trust Lizard Ranger Team who jointly organised the day held at Kennack Sands, which is part of the Lizard National Nature Reserve.

 The day began with a giant Mexican Wave, with added woosh sound effects! The kids were then divided into four groups by age, giving plenty of opportunities for new friendships to be made across the schools. As well as building the giant sand sculpture with wheelbarrows and spades, every child printed their own marine themed flag, and got to play parachute games on the beach. Professional storyteller Mark Harandon enthralled his audiences, gathered in a hollow in the dunes, with tales of the infamous pirate Captain Avery and rumours of long-lost treasure. During the afternoon, Sky High Photography flew a silent battery powered model airplane high over the beach to take pictures to capture the sculpture, before the tide came in and the sand was reclaimed by the sea.

We were so pleased all went well, and it was a great way to celebrate the start of the 4 Schools Partnership under shared Head Tom Harman. This partnership is unique within Cornwall, and was very much heralded by the need to protect small schools and the communities they serve.

We did it! All the NT and NE staff and vols who made the day possible
We can't pretend that the day wasn't great fun for us too! Both ourselves and Natural England do lots of work with schools locally, but it’s usually just a class at a time, not four whole schools at once! It was quite a feat for Claire from NE and I to organise a day on such a scale, and we would like to thank all of our dedicated volunteers who started at dawn to help us make this the success it has been. They’ve been involved in everything from sewing the flags, to erecting the marquee, and helping shape the sand serpent. Special thanks too to Sky High Photography for donating their services.
            Bird's eye view courtesy of Sky High Photography

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