Wednesday, 5 October 2011

What egg-axtly is that?

You may have noticed a rather large egg appear on the cliffs at Predannack this week, but do not fear, no prehistoic creature has emerged from it yet. The 'Egg' together with dozens of Tibetan flags is a 10 day art installation by German artist Christian Elster called the 'Innermost at the outmost'.

Elle Parsons, National Trust Ranger and William Watson, local farmer took on the rather unusual challenge of transporting the 500kg egg and its dozens of flags out to the rocky headland on the cliffs last week. After precariously loading the egg onto the front loader of the tractor and some very careful driving skills, it arrived safely to its site.

The installation is now fully in place and will remain up for another week, it is well worth a look and don't be afraid to sit in the egg and take in the atmosphere, I can assure you it is quite secure!

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