Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Women in Wellies get bushcrafty!

Who are Women in Wellies I hear you ask! Well, they are a friendly group of ladies who live in the various villages of the Lizard Peninsula, and who get together occasionally for a natter and to learn new skills. Wellies often handy but not essential!

This merry band of intrepid adventurers joined us recently for an evening of green woodworking and bushcraft skills in the orchard at Poltesco. First up was spoon carving from green ash. Okay perhaps Ray Mears would say the work-mate is cheating, but it certainly helps in shaping a spoon blank!

Next on the cards was a go on a pole lathe, traditionally used for 'bodging' chair legs and other turned pieces in the woods.

Making gypsy flowers proved popular, using a shave horse ad a draw knife to fashion a flower by cutting thin slithers from hazel rods.

And then for anyone with plenty of patience, there's making natural cord from nothing more than nettles. First you have to strip the leaves, then soften the stems and split away the useful outer fibres from the inner pith. A bit of twisting with a special knack, and hey presto, a piece of string!
If you'd like to find out more about Women in Wellies then please get in touch for contact details.

We'd be delighted to offer similar bushcrafty sessions for other community groups, so let us know if we can help.


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