Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Kehelland School take the golf ball helter skelter challenge

20 pupils from Kehelland School joined us last week, for a sunny morning exploring Kynance Cove. The class was down staying at Lizard YHA overnight, and they also took a tour of the Lighthouse. The trip was all the more exciting for being the first night away with school for many of the kids, and certainly the first night any of them had experienced trying to sleep next door to a foghorn!

The first challenge at Kynance, was to successfully navigate our way from the carpark to the cove, solving clues as we went as part of a treasure trail. Topics covered ranged from choughs and rare heathers, to the local serpentine rock and the photovoltaic slates on the cafe roof. We also met the Ruby Red cattle that have been grazing the cliffs for the last two summers, and saw the great work they've been doing munching for wildlife.

Once at the beach, the kids were set the golf ball helter skelter challenge. Yes build your golf ball a helter skelter from nothing more than sand! The kids soon got stuck into the task in hand, learning about friction and centrifugal forces as they went. All was rounded off with a picnic on the beach. Is it really October!


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